8th ISTA Conference

- premier forum for software engineers in Central and Eastern Europe

- ISTA presenting all innovation aspects of computer systems, software and quality engineering

- every new edition attract more attendees

- ISTA is about knowledge

- ISTA is one of the best networking platforms

- ISTA is the time for new friends and having fun while doing so

ISTA ще се проведе за 8 поредна година

- Водещо събитие за софтуерни инженери в Централна и Източна Евтопа

- ISTA представя топ иновации в дигиталния свят

- с всяка изминала година посещаемостта на конференцията е все по-голяма

- ISTA е знание

- ISTA е една от най- добрите възможности

- ISTA освен всичко друго е и място за забавления и среща с приятели

Beta room Alpha room
8:45 AM Registration and welcome coffee
9:30 AM Opening
9:40 AM Keynote Session
Greg Young, Independent consultant and Entrepreneur
10:35 AM Tinkering meets Business - Java on the Edge
Simon Kaufmann, Developer Evangelist Connected Home, Deutsche Telekom
OpenFaas - Functions as a Service - The easy way
Ivana Yovcheva, Open Source Developer, VMware
11:35 AM World's science at the palm of your hand using AI and blockchain
Georgi Dimitrov, Head Of Development, Iris AI
Developer’s survival guide: bug fixing for smart devices
Alexander Kostadinov, Senior Software Engineer at Musala Soft
12:20 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Keynote Session: The Internet of Things is dead, long live the internet
Brandon Satrom, Co-Founder and CEO of Tangible
2:25 PM Emerging trends in consumer facing products
Filip Filipov, VP Product Management, Skyscanner
The True Purpose of Design Systems
Stefan Ivanov, Senior UX Architect, Infragistics
3:10 PM Coffee Break
3:40 PM What happened to web development? Spoiler: Angular
Konstantin Dinev, Senior Manager - Web Tools, Infragistics
CI/CD in cloud independent environment
Toshko Todorov, Senior Developer, SAP Labs Bulgaria
4:40 PM Dev Ops disrupted: mobile is the new master
Boris Strandjev, CEO, Qualifast
Micro frontends in practice
Tihomir Mateev, Senior MTS, VMware
5:25 PM Cocktail
Beta room Alpha room
8:45 AM
9:40 AM Keynote Session
Mathias Verraes, Independent Software Consultant
10:35 AM Soft skills for IT teams (practical field guide)
Haralambi Haralambiev, Co-founder, Tochka 2
Hindsight lessons about API testing
Viktor Slavchev, Senior QA & Testing Trainer, Siteground
11:35 AM Sales Skillz for IT People
Iancho Dimitrov, VP Innovation, Strategic Clients & Business Development, Musala Soft
Scaling big with Apache Kafka
Nikolay Stoitsev, Software Engineer, Uber
12:20 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Let's Execute Them All In Parallel
Anton Angelov, Co-founder and CTO, Automate The Planet
ML approach for customised users experience
Silvia Bakalova, Software engineer, Leanplum Diman Karagiozov, Senior Software Engineer, Leanplum
2:25 PM The Robots Are Coming - Understanding the opportunity for chat bots & AI in the enterprise
Silviu Niculita, Director Of Engineering, 8x8
Engineering marvels: staying sane in a code maze
Nikolay Angelov, Experian Atanas Andreev, Experian
3:15 PM Coffee Break
3:40 PM Why Teams and Culture Matter: Leadership lessons
Vasil Popovski, Sr. Director Product Development and Sofia Site Lead, Leanplum
Disasters are happening all the time. Is your software solution developed to survive?
Dobromir Stoev, VP Information Technology, Naxex
Nikolai Neichev, Product Owner and Senior Project Consultant, SAP
4:40 PM Last minute performance testing
Pavlo Vedilin, Test Automation Expert, SoftServe
Building Virtual and Augmented Reality with Telerik Tooling
Georgi Atanasov, Director of Software Engineering, Progress Stefan Stefanov, Senior Product Manager, Progress
5:30 PM Raffle and Closing

When: 14 November, 2018

Where: Sofia Event Center

Duration: 1 day

Speaker: Mathias Verraes, Independent Software Consultant

The design patterns from Domain-Driven Design are gradually entering the collective consciousness of software developers. But most of the information out there focuses on mechanistic implementation details of the patterns: how to make an Entity in [insert favourite programming language], how to use the Repository pattern with [insert new hot ORM], how to make immutable Value Objects in [insert legacy framework]

Applied individually, these patterns are useful, but are not giving you the full potential of Domain-Driven Design. This one day training has a different approach. We address technical concerns in implementing the DDD patterns, but the focus is on the underlying principles and heuristics for building great domain-centric object-oriented code.

* Why you’re underusing Value Objects

* Seeing objects as containers of lifecycles and consistency

* Discovering deeper domain concepts such as business rules, and lifting them into first class domain objects

* The relevance of processes, behaviour, temporal modelling... for finding better Aggregate boundaries

* How mutable software designs have distorted our perception of mutability in the domain

* Better heuristics for understanding a complex domain, and using them to drive a more focused design

* Reducing our dependance on service classes

* Designing an implementation model that not only encapsulates the domain, but communicates that design to future programmers and reduces their surface area for bugs

This workshop, aimed at programmers, is designed to give you immediate benefits when modelling and implementing the most important parts of your codebase.



  • Greg Young

    Independent consultant and Entrepreneur

  • Pavlo Vedilin

    Test Automation Expert, SoftServe

  • Mathias Verraes

    Independent Software Consultant

  • Brandon Satrom

    Co-Founder and CEO of Tangible

  • Simon Kaufmann

    Developer Evangelist Connected Home, Deutsche Telekom

  • Anton Angelov

    Co-founder and CTO, Automate The Planet

  • Filip Filipov

    VP Product Management, Skyscanner

  • Nikolay Stoitsev

    Software Engineer, Uber







1407 Sofia, Bulgaria
Address: Cherni Vrah Blvd 100,
Paradise Center, Floor 3

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